AI Powered semantic analytics for the world's data

Aabhra leverages powerful AI models and ontologies to quickly unify and analyze data across industries without data wrangling and coding

Finally, analysts, data scientists and others can focus on analysis

Analyze all enterprise data in semantically accurate ways

  • On average at least 74% of an enterprise’s data is not analyzed
  • This costs companies billions of dollars
  • By quickly and accurately analyzing all data, users can now identify new opportunities and foresee impending issues

Make accurate data driven decisions in a timely manner

  • Analysts, data scientists and others complain that they spend at least 66% of their time on digital janitorial work
  • In addition, they have to write lots of code before performing analysis
  • With Aabhra, they can now help make accurate data driven decisions for the enterprise quickly

Aabhra is a cloud-based AI platform for quickly discovering and accurately analyzing the world’s data

Analyze enterprise data across industries without data wrangling/ETL

Our innovative DataGenes™ unify enterprise data from across industries instantly. You can now commingle and analyze any data without the heavy lift of ETLs and other data wrangling

Code less, Analyze more

Aabhra supports intent-driven analysis of even the most complex enterprise analytic. Just converse your intent in natural language or use our simple query language and let Aabhra do the magic

Gain intelligence from complex, voluminous data in a timely manner

The world is interconnected. DataGenes™ ensures that data about everything in the world is interconnected. Finally, enterprises can gain intelligence out of complex, voluminous data in a timely manner, rather than be overwhelmed by it

Perpetually analyze any data in any analytic

Be it newly acquired data or data derived from previous analyses, Aabhra enables perpetual analysis of data instantly and accurately

Aabhra AI Analytics: Just Analyze

No more ETLs, data wrangling or coding before analyzing, powered by DataGenes™

Multi and Cross Domain Analytics

  • Financial Analytics
  • Insurance Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Medical Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • and more
Intrinsic genetic properties of data
  • DataGenes™ uses AI to capture intrinsic genetic properties of data across industries, for easy unification
  • Everything in the world is interconnected. DataGenes™ ensures that data about everything is also interconnected
  • Aabhra leverages DataGenes™ for semantically accurate analysis

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